Sometimes it's hard to write what is truly in my heart when I know that varied readers would come and feed themselves with what I wrote. I'm afraid of making mistakes that may inflict unnecessary harm on others. I'm afraid that I might be misunderstood. So I pray, that God will empower me and lead me to write what I ought to write; to post what I ought to post. I don't want to use this blog to vent my deep-rooted emotions for I do that to my Dear Father; instead, I desire that these should serve as an encouragement to you my dear readers. I also pray, that you may not just be encouraged but be reformed inside out. May God speak to you through my blog. May the blogosphere be ministered. These blog is a dust among other blogs floating on the cloud and I don't desire to be on top of the others. But I'm glad that you've arrived here and would appreciate much if you'd share my blog to others. I tell you this, it is not an accident that you are here and that you a reading this. May God bless you.


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